An Adventure Filled Day in Skagway!

What better way to explore than in your own personal Jeep Wrangler? From the waterfront of historic, old-town Skagway to the incredible Emerald Lake in the Yukon Territory, there is plenty to see on your adventure!  Included are maps and brochures of area attractions. You may choose to head up our major thoroughfare, the Klondike Highway and parallel the train through the mountains past magnificent waterfalls and spectacular scenery to the Summit and beyond! Leave behind the coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska as you cross the Canadian border into the the sub-arctic alpine tundra of the Tormented Valley - a virtual moonscape, past crystal lakes, log cabin and the Chilkoot Trail. Journey into the boreal forest, stand on the shores of Lakes Tutshi and Tagish, encircled by mile-high mountains and pose at the Yukon border sign. The Yukon is always your best bet for seeing wildlife (checkout our Wildlife Gallery photos) so watch for bears, moose, sheep, goats and more along the way. Take a photograph of Bove Island. Shop for souvenirs in the native village of Carcross where you can stop for popcorn and ice cream. Venture further north to the Carcross Desert, affectionately known as "the world's smallest desert". Just beyond the desert, you'll discover Spirit Lake and Emerald Lake, Jewel of the Yukon. 


yukon jeep vacation Skagway/Canada Area Map: Green line is Klondike Highway and our favorite itinerary route